Cheesy Fondue For Two

2 tubs or tubes Primula Original Cheese spread

142ml/5fl oz dry white wine

½ tsp lemon juice

Corn flour mix (2 tsp corn flour blended in 4 tsp of wine)

White pepper or paprika to taste

Crusty French stick cut into 1inch cubes

In a saucepan blend together the Primula Original cheese spread, wine & lemon juice.

Heat gently on a low-medium and stir constantly in a figure-of-8-motion When the cheese is bubbling add the blended corn flour mix.

Cook for 2-3 minutes, season to taste, pour into the fondue or a heat resistant bowl.

Toast French stick cubes under a hot grill.

How to eat: Take turns to dip a cube of bread onto a fondue fork & swirl in a figure-of-8 motion until it’s coated with cheese, this action helps the fondue keep stirred up & creamy until the end.

Other foods you could dip include cooked meat pieces such as chicken, beef steak or seafood such as king prawns, vegetables either raw or roasted, cooked potato wedges or even crisps!

Primula Original Cheese spread is available nationwide from all good supermarkets and independent retailers, visit for more recipe ideas