Marshmallow Snowmen (Makes about 10)

• 200g large white marshmallows

• Brown writing icing

• Coloured liquorice strips or fruit leather

• Chocolate-coated mint sticks (e.g. Matchmakers)

• Large chocolate drops

• 100g white mini marshmallows

• Icing sugar, for dusting

• About 10 cocktail sticks

Place the marshmallows on a tray. Push 2 large marshmallows on to each cocktail stick. Ask an adult to trim off any of the stick that is poking out of the top.

Using the writing icing, pipe dots and lines of icing to make the eyes, nose and mouth. Cut the liquorice strips or fruit leather into thin strips and carefully tie around the snowman's neck for a scarf. To make the arms, break the chocolate-coated mint sticks in half and push into the sides of the large marshmallow.

Pipe a small blob of icing onto the top of the snowman's head and position a large chocolate drop on top. Pipe another blob of icing in the middle of the chocolate drop and stick a mini-marshmallow on the very top.

Finally, using the writing icing again, pipe dots down the front of the snowman to look like buttons.

Keep making snowmen like this until you have as many as you need to make a fabulous winter wonderland!

To serve, scatter icing sugar over the serving dish, arrange the snowmen on top and dust lightly with more sugar.