Sitting on the cliffttop in Barton-on-Sea, the Cliff House Restaurant, Bar and Hotel boasts an unrivalled panoramic view of the Dorset and Hampshire coastline plus the stunning needles on the Isle of Wight.

Run as a family business by Kerry and Donald Darbishire, the team have been working hard on their new autumn menu; demonstrating their passion to be one of the top foodie destinations in the area.

The menu offers a more modern take on classic British fare with a focus on local produce which Donna Darbishire, Operations Manager, explains is the ethos of everything they do, sourcing locally and making as much in their own kitchen as possible.

It’s also a cause which Head Chef Harry Mosley is extremely passionate about.

“I don’t like using anything that I can’t get my hands on within the adjoining counties,” he said.

“The less it has to travel the better it’s going to taste. I’m also really keen to promote our local suppliers and community and help spread the word about the fantastic produce available locally.”

The menu at The Bay Restaurant is changed seasonally to reflect the local produce available and the team endeavour to make as much of their own food on site as possible.

“If Harry wants to train in sausage making or smoking, we send him on a course to bring that skill back in house,” explained Donna.

“We make all our own sausages, bread and ice cream.

“We’ve also got our own polytunnel behind the kitchen, so we grow our own salad leaves.”

It’s not only the food that shines through here though, the décor is modern and complements the seaside view.

The team are friendly, attentive and portray a real family feel.

There are also lots more reasons to visit the Cliff House, their recent Murder Mystery evening was a hit with customers and the regular Friday Night ‘Fish and Fizz’ for £11.95 just continues to become busier.

I have also been reliably informed that their Sunday Roast, all sourced locally of course, is absolutely delicious.

So, why would you want to come to The Cliff House?

I have only one answer, there’s not a single reason not to!

Signature dish – Pan Fried Fillet of Trout with Beetroot Puree, Wilted Beetroot Tops and a Sway Tomato Dressing

Wash four purple beetroot and roughly chop, saving the tops for later

Roast with a splash of oil, salt and pepper for 40 minutes until cooked through then blend until smooth, pass through a sieve, season and set aside.

De-seed and dice four Sway tomatoes and lightly salt, before adding 200mls olive oil, 100mls white wine vinegar, half a teaspoon of Dorset honey, some parsley and salt.

Fry three rashers of smoked bacon, chopped into lardons.

Place the four trout fillets skin side down in a heated pan with a splash of oil, turning when half cooked and turn off the heat as the residual heat will finish the cooking.

Wilt the beetroot tops in a pan of boiling water and season.

Serve with the re-heated puree in the middle of the plate, topped with the beetroot tops and fish, scatter the bacon around and finish with the dressing.