He may be the newest member of the team at The Greyhound in Corfe Castle, but head chef Matt Tribouillard certainly knows his onions.

After training at Westminster and City College in London, he worked at a variety of AA Rosette-rated restaurants all over Dorset.
Not content with his level of knowledge, Matt, 32, then decided to go freelance in a bid to expand his training. “I’ve worked at WestBeach, Print Room and The Pig in Brockenhust,” he said. “But the last
couple of years I’ve been freelance, to pick up as much as I could. I felt like I needed to expand my knowledge.

“I spent five weeks in one kitchen, eight weeks in another kitchen – you get to see the same dish prepared lots of different ways and you just learn so much.”
Matt, who lives in Poole, admits he was eventually drawn to The Greyhound because of its delightful location, in the thriving village of Corfe Castle.

He added: “It’s a privately run place as well – you’ve got free range to do what you want with the menu.
“We have our own touch, our own flair.
It’s the flavours – it’s something we don’t really plan – it’s all about experimenting. The guys are all more than willing to have that input, we work as a team.”

Matt is clearly relishing being head of that hard-working team at The Greyhound, and is thrilled to be able to add his own touches to the high quality food the venue is known for.

“Heading into winter we are going more towards the game side of things, using fresh, local produce from the farmers around the area,” he explained.
“We are quite lucky to have those resources available to us. We get pheasant from a local farm in Kimmeridge. That appeals to a lot of people as well. People want to see that on the menu.
“Seasonally we make little changes here and there. If certain dishes are not doing as well as we thought we could change it. We have to try something new.
“Customer feedback is what we live off, that’s what we go by. Without the customers we haven’t got a job.”

Matt’s enthusiasm ensures he fits in well with the kitchen team at The Greyhound, who, Matt says, are all keen to learn new skills and add their ideas to the menu.

“There’s a good group of guys and a great atmosphere,” he said. “They want to progress, to take themselves to the next level. I’m quite passionate about teaching the team.”
“If someone’s got an idea we’ll try it out – I always believe you can learn something from anyone.”

Signature dish –
Pan Roasted Cod Fillet with Rustic Pea Mash, Roasted Cherry Vine Tomatoes and a Balsamic Reduction

This dish, one of Matt’s own creation, is part of the winter menu at The Greyhound. He describes it as “simple, but full of flavour”.
Pan-fry the cod skin side down to get a nice golden colour. Cook it about half way through with a knob of
butter, take it out of the pan and then finish it in the oven on a tray.
To make the mash, reduce cream and butter, add garden peas, cook until thickened and then puree. Mix with mashed potatoes and add seasoning.
Leave the husks in to give it a bit of bite.

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