A Detox diet is often regarded as the ultimate health and beauty boost, and the perfect way to kick start a weight-loss programme.

For many of us, however, detoxing conjures up visions of living on nothing but lentils and water - and then eating our own body weight in chocolate to cheer ourselves up.

But not any more. For according to Matt Llewellin who runs Healthy Farms Detox retreat at Hedley Townhouse in Bournemouth, a holistic detox can also help to boost self esteem and confidence as well as your long term health.

The key is to detox the body and mind, lose weight, recharge, rest and re- energise in a safe and friendly retreat environment.

Matt explained: “I would say that joining our programme is a really good long term investment in your personal health. Everyone knows how to lose weight but actually doing so by yourself can often prove a little more difficult!

“We pride ourselves in the environment we have created and the programme that we have put together which teaches people to lose weight and keep it off. Being on the programme brings about many health benefits and helps to improve skin and circulation and looks at breaking self - destructive habits and emotional eating.”

Matt added: “During a detox retreat break, guests have lost between 5 and 10 pounds in a matter of four days.

“Lots of our guests have found the experience to be life changing and a real kick start in changing bad eating habits that have crept in to their lives. Individuals report on how attending one of our detox retreat breaks has been brilliant for their self – esteem, confidence and health and how good they feel being back in control and taking care of themselves.”

“The four day programme that we run is not boot camp style and it is not too regimented. We are relaxed, supportive, incredibly friendly and work closely with our guests to ensure their success on the retreat.”

The detox is based on a menu of juices and soups, of which four varied juices are prepared each day, with an evening meal of a delicious home cooked soup. All meals are prepared in the kitchen at The Hedley Townhouse with fresh local ingredients.

Matt advised: “We work really hard to ensure that the menus are varied, nutritious and tasty. Our guests don’t complain about feeling hungry either! The 5 a day healthy eating programme is also balanced with a ‘5 a day’ exercise programme. This includes a packed agenda of yoga, cycling, circuits, ‘salsa fit’, long coastal walks and more with Jamie Hellier, a local personal trainer.

Jamie spends several hours a day with guests and is always on hand to offer nutritional advice. Guests are able to pick and choose which activities they take part in and there is also flexibility if they prefer some time to themselves."

Matt added: “I have lost four stone over recent months through following the juice detox programme so can personally advocate its success and use my own experiences to help and relate to guests. My weight loss journey is continuing.”

Steph Cade, owner of The Hedley Townhouse concluded, “It has been fantastic welcoming so many visitors who have all been incredibly happy with their weight loss and general improvement to a healthier state.  Lots of positive friendships have been made between guests due to the nature of the detox retreats.  It’s a great place to work!”

Anyone interested in attending a Healthy Farms Detox retreat at The Hedley Townhouse or finding out more is advised to visit www.healthyfarms.co.uk.

The next Healthy Farm Detox retreat break takes place in the autumn.  Anyone interested in attending a Healthy Farms Detox retreat at The Hedley Townhouse or finding out more is advised to contact Steph Cade at The Hedley Townhouse Tel. 01202 317168 E:info@hedleyhotel.co.uk