When interior designer Susie Lyons talks about what makes her work special, she doesn’t list the designer fabrics she loves, or the countless properties she has renovated all over the world.

She doesn’t mention the hours she spends shopping with clients for the perfect purchase, or the amount of commissions she gets.

“Our success is all about great relationships,” she smiles.

“We are proud of our professional customer service and the range of skills, products and services we can offer anyone wishing to maximise the value and potential of their property.”

Once upon a time, interior designers were reserved for celebrities and the mega-rich, but Susie Lyons Interiors, which has recently moved from its Saxon Square home to a new consultancy studio in Church Street, Christchurch, prides itself on its wide range of services, which have made Susie’s work accessible to all.

“We do things for all budgets,” she explains. “We have fabrics that are not as expensive, but we also have a lot of fabrics that are all pure wool, or cotton, or silk, and products from The Romo Group, Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren, Linwood and Sanderson & Son – we’ve got the whole gambit.

“Our service is by appointment. But there are people who might want to come in for one blind, and that doesn’t matter. We will do anything from one blind to multiple houses.”

Susie has more than 20 years experience building, renovating and interior decorating homes, show homes and businesses across the south of England and in the Middle East for private home owners, developers and for commercial properties.

“I know construction, which does help,” she adds. “My husband and I have renovated every single house we’ve been in so, apart from helping other people, I practice what I preach.”

Susie, who believes her success is due to listening to her clients, rather than dictating, promises a “total solution” to her clients, which can include a consultancy at her studio, or at their home, a look through an extensive sample library, research and design as well as the installation of soft-furnishings and supply of all other goods.

“We work with our own, and the best local talent, whether this is in softfurnishings manufacture, painting and decorating, plastering, tiling, upholstery, kitchen supply or window treatment installation,” Susie explains.

“We have myriad trusted trade relationships and are always happy to recommend tradesmen to our clients.”

Susie, who is also now collaborating with Conny Blythe of fine textile products The Cornelia Collections, is clearly passionate about interior design, and is delighted the concept is becoming more accessible.

“I never tire of what I do,” she smiles. “At the end of the day, you’re making someone happy and I think that’s really nice.”

Susie Lyons Interiors is at Priory Chambers, 6a Church Street, Christchurch, tel 07581 682445 or www.susielyonsinteriors.co.uk