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Founder Anna Langridge, our fantastic cover star for this month, explains how to break your January routine.

Right, time to change, you know the January routine; a feeling that you must exercise and go on a diet to take off those Christmas indulgences.

The health and fitness industry is deafening, shouting the overly used strapline “New Year, New You”, you feel swamped by social media talking about fad diets, beach-ready bodies or exercising at unobtainable high intensity levels you know you are to unfit, or feel to old to achieve.

You are conscious that your indulgences go back further than you care to remember, making the word ‘indulgence’ redundant as it presumes they are one-offs, although you know deep down your little treats have blended into your lifestyle, becoming everyday routines rather than just an special occasion. A lifestyle you are not ready to give up.

And you say to yourself, ‘why should I, life is hard enough right? Imagine it without a little indulgence from time to time… I deserve it’.

At Wellbody Health & Fitness we don’t believe in the January routine. You can have what you want, within reason. Your wellness is about making simple everyday healthy choices that don’t compromise the lifestyle you want to lead and will help you look and feel much better for good. We don’t talk fad diets, short-term results or beasting workouts. We talk wellness, lifestyle choices and teamwork. All this helps you build everyday confidence.

Here are some examples of what we mean when we say ‘making healthy choices’ in both eating and exercise.

Nutrition You don’t have to give up the food you love if you follow these three principles.

Prepare yourself, cooked clean, serve fresh.

Top Tips 1. Know what goes into your food – processed foods contain all sorts of nasties that you will be unaware of eg. sugars, fats, palm oil, high salt content and additives.

2. Use baking paper rather than oil - you can cook the best chunky chips and roast potatoes without the need for any oil.

3. Always use olive oil when cooking rather than other oils - olive oil has numerous health benefits (in small quantities) whereas most other oils are high in saturated fats.

4. Grill instead of fry - keep the saturates down and the health benefits up.

5. When snacking make your own.

6. Reduce the craving - stay away from refined sugars as these tend to effect your metabolism and insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes. It is also addictive.

7. Add colour to your plate - if you do, you tend to add more food groups, vitamins and minerals naturally to your diet. It will also provide you more energy to exercise.

8. Make sure you don’t overeat. Have a glass of water before eating and stop when you are starting to feel full. You don’t always have to finish your plate.

Everything you eat, the whole family can eat too and through using the above principals you will also help them to be healthier and happier.

Exercise I think we all know the importance of exercise on our overall health and wellness. Our sedentary lifestyles are leading us into a global health crisis and putting us all at risk of critical illnesses. The benefits of any regular exercise are instant in having a direct effect on these health risks. Exercise has to be part of our lifestyle and not be seen as a short term fix or fad.

When clients ask me 'which exercise is best for me?', I reply 'the one you enjoy the most as, unless you want to train for a specific reason ie an event or sport, then it is more important that you enjoy it'. If you enjoy it you will develop a habit for it.

Let's talk about instant benefits if you start exercising in January.

1. Significantly reduces your risk of chronic diseases eg cardiac, diabetes type 2, stroke and some cancers.

2. Exercise will reduce tiredness – I know, hard to believe but it does.

3. Reduces stress and depression due to the release of chemicals called endorphins in the brain.

4. Reduces your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Aids sleep.

Exercise is the most effective way of staying healthy as a whole.

Feel good factor There are so many varieties of exercise available and many of them are free - eg walking, running and cycling. There are also numerous different classes available if you wish to workout with other people. Try and find an exercising partner as this will help motivate you and keep you on track. You are less likely to not do it if you are letting someone else down. Make exercise part of your social life and meet like-minded people.

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