We tried the latest addition to Lush's massage menu

They talk about ‘instant karma’ as a bad thing, but the new Lush massage treatment named after the Eastern concept of ‘what goes around comes around’ aims to generate positive energising vibes in just an hour.

Well, 65 minutes. That’s how long the experience, which encourages you to ‘slow down to speed up’, lasts, using a two-person massage technique which, to be honest, I wasn’t too sure about.

Wouldn’t it feel weird having two people tending to me atonce, rather than focusing on one area at a time? On the contrary, the coordinated approach means it feels more like one person with four hands, the movements performed in unison and choreographed to music.

And we’re not talking generic pan pipe muzak. As with every Lush spa treatment, the soundtrack has been specially composed to accompany the experience.

Beautiful and stirring, the exotic instrumental sounds evoke Eastern city streets, countryside railway lines and summerstorms; my senses heightened by the heady patchouli oil scent.

The massage is gentle and sweeping rather than firm and concentrated, so if you’re after deep tissue pummelling, Karma isn’t for you, but it’s not so soft that you’re liable to drift off.

The treatment also includes a hot stone massage focused on the abdomen, to aid digestion and shake off that sluggish feeling. This part was surprisingly enjoyable, the warmth ofthe stones deepening my relaxation.

The treatment concludes with an Ayurvedic technique called Shirodhara, during which a special copper pot is suspended above my forehead (I’m lying on my back), allowing warm coconut water to pour slowly over my ‘third eye’ (my forehead, for the uninitiated).

It smells heavenly and feels so calming – the sense of my cares being washed away is palpable. It’s the perfect end to a blissed-out hour and I leave feeling restored and renewed.

Karma, £225, is available at Lush Spas nationwide.