Rick Stein, Charlie Stein and Mr Lyan collaborate to create a new cocktail list to admire

The Rick Stein Group have teamed up with world renowned and award-winning mixologist Ryan Chetiyawardana AKA Mr Lyan, to create an innovative new cocktail list for their Barnes and Sandbanks restaurants’ menus.

The new Rick Stein cocktail menu by Mr Lyan is built around Rick’s; hisson, Charlie’s, and Ryan’s shared love of beautiful ingredients. Featuring a mix of new cocktails and refined versions of the classics, the list draws not only inspiration from Cornwall but from all of Rick’s travels, from India to Mexico.

Mr Lyan has designed the list with the Stein family in mind. Twists on family personalfavourites include Jack Stein’s Ribs-e-rita (tequila, Cornish mint, chipotle, lime and cointreau); Charlie’s Campari Fizz (cognac, campari, grapefruitsherbet, lemon thyme and Champagne) and Rick’s Ceylon Negroni (Sri-Lankan spiced Colombo gin, Sacred English vermouth, campari and pickled walnut).

There are also fitting tributes to the restaurants such as the Padstow’s South & Stormy (Bombay Sapphire gin, Bacardi rum, olive leaf, mint, lime and ginger).

Charlie Stein tells Dorset Living: “I’m a huge admirer of those who become real masters of their craft and I truly believe that Ryan is the best in the business. Working with him has not only allowed us to become more innovative with our cocktail list but also to elevate our offering to our guests.”

On teaming up with Rick and Charlie, Mr Lyan said: “There have been a few people I followed growing up and Rick Stein was one of them. His honest, personal and considerate approach to cooking was a joy to watch. It’s been wonderful to meet the man and his family and see what an infectious, genuine love for the industry and the whole world of food and drink they all have. I’m really proud of this collaboration and to work with both Rick and Charlie.”

Cocktail recipe to try at home - CEYLON NEGRONI

Sri-lankan spiced Columbo Gin, Sacred English Vermouth, Campari and Pickled walnut.

Following Rick’s travels to Sri Lanka and his love of Negronis as well as exotic spices, we have combined the two into a distinct take on the classic that still retains its bittersweet characteristics. Using the spice in Colombo gin, as well as a rich coating of coconut oil, it gives an amazing length to the drink.

What you need:

10ml Coconut & Cinnamon Colombo gin (melt coconut oil in pan with cinnamon bark, then pour into the gin.

Allow to cool, then remove the solidified fat and filter).

• 20ml Columbo gin • 20ml Sacred vermouth • 20ml Campari • 1 Dash Reagan’s orange bitters

Strain over ice in a rocks glass and add a grapefruit twist and a slice of pickled walnut.

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