The future is Smart. Soon, through an intelligent user interface or voice command, homeowners will be able to dim the lights, turn on the TV, stream high-definition media on demand throughout their homes, along with intelligent security and climate control.

According to Statista, the number of people set to update their home or business to a ‘Smart’ environment will treble in the UK over the next five years.

Smart Homeworks, a new technology company based in Bournemouth, one of the biggest digital hubs in the UK, will improve more than 1,500 homes and businesses in Dorset by 2020 through the integration of intelligent service - delivering convenience, security and cost savings.

Here are ten tedious tasks their smart home installations are solving: 1) Lock Up Who needs keys when you can have a smart lock? Never worry about getting locked out again! A smart lock works like keyless car keys: you must be close enough and it just opens.

2) Turn the heating up Smart thermostats are amazing because they can help cut costs on heating and cooling bills, since you can adjust them from anywhere, so long as you have internet. You don’t even need to be home. This applies to ventilation and air conditioning too.

3) Cut your bills Smart LED lightbulbs are a game changer. You can adjust them even when you’re not home, so this is another way to help you stay on top of your monthly costs and an attractive feature for home buyers.

4) Answer the Door The Intercom Anywhere, by Control4 and installed by Smart Homeworks is just the best, because you can see who is standing at your front door, even if you’re not even home. The safety and security that a video doorbell provides is attractive, combined with the use of letting people in, monitoring postage and from anywhere in the world makes this a super app.

5) Check your messages Apple and Android phones can transcribe spoken messages in any app you request (Smart Homeworks will set up the right permissions for you). Your built in virtual home assistant can draft that text or LinkedIn message, and you can make edits before sending. The voice recognition understands context now and can handle more intuitive requests like “Call my wife at the office.”

6) Remind Me Voice control is ideal for managing those elusive fly-by thoughts. If you’re afraid you won’t remember to stop by the hardware store on the way home, just ask your virtual assistant to remind you at a certain time. There really is no need to manually set an alarm anymore. For pulling dinner out of the oven or pulling yourself out of bed, setting alarms and timers via voice is as effortless as it gets.

7) The Remote Control No more fighting over the remote – now you install smart displays, home cinemas, multi-room audio and video controlled by a single user interface or your voice. Ceiling and wall mounted speakers provide an invisible, decluttered media source, speaker volumes can be limited to predefined levels and voice control can be available across the whole house 8) Turn the Lights Off One popular request from consumers is how can I automate my whole house for ‘ALL OFF’ as I leave the house? You can now set up one simple voice command that will turn off lights, heating, electricity as and when you need it, with easy to change settings. Internal and external Smart lighting and the ability to create lighting scenes to suit your mood i.e. romantic setting, is also possible 9) Keep an eye on the kids Both internal and external Smart cameras provide parents with in-home live video streams as and when they need it.

10) Is my network secure?

Next level device security is employed so that customers can rest assured knowing that their family, digital assets and core services are protected within a robust network.

Smart Homeworks Director Richard Smiles says: “Our home needs are placing an ever-increasing emphasis on technology to create optimal living spaces. In the past, these were defined by physical dimensions, fixtures, fittings and décor. Today bandwidth, automation and intelligence are just as important. Smart Homeworks offer genuine real-life benefits for homes, effortlessly and reliably.”

To gain simple advice on home automation, how to hook up your connected home or the best Smart devices for your home, call Smart Homeworks for a free consultation.

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