"Anyone and everyone can have a beautiful home, no matter what their style or budget."

Laura Simpson is passionate about interior design - so much so that she wants it to be accessible to everyone.

Inspired by the fact that so many feel a design service is unattainable when it comes to renovating their home, she has launched My Bespoke Room, a totally unique way of using experienced designers to create a whole new look for your room.

"The idea came about six years ago," explains Laura, who set up the company four-and-a-half years ago with co-founder and friend Diana Greenhalgh.

"I was a product design engineer. Met my co-founder when I worked for L'Oreal when I left university. She had a business background. We became really good friends because we shared a passion for all things interior.

"We renovated our friends' houses, had a big passion for it. I went on to work for Apple after that, helping to design the interior of their retail stores.

"But when I got my first home, what really struck me was I could either pay thousands of pounds for an interior designer or go online and get ideas from Pinterest and do it myself. There was nothing in between. I was a huge fan of Pinterest, but back then, Pinterest was not very good at saying where things were from."

Laura believed there was a gap in the market and began investigating ways to launch a more affordable design service.

"With advances in technology these days, I recognised that designers spend a lot of their time doing admin and stuff that's not related to what they're trained in," she says.

"If we could free up their time, so they could focus on what they love doing, we could probably charge a bit less."

Laura and Diana raised £18,000 from friends and family to launch a basic website to test the market. They came up with a service where the client submits details about their home life, their family and their design preferences, as well as photos and dimensions of the room.

"We match them with a designer and they design the room with them on our platform," explains Laura.

"They get room plans, they get personal shopping lists, but it's much affordable because they've done a bit of work for us. It's that combination of human touch and technology that allows us to grow the business."

Despite a large percentage of the process being done online, My Bespoke Room - which has a base in Christchurch Road, Southbourne, but works with clients all over the country - retains a personal approach.

"When you do up your home it's such a personal thing," says Laura, who moved to Bournemouth from London four years ago with a yearning to be near the sea again, after growing up on the west coast of Scotland.

"We wanted the customer to feel a personal connection with the designer. We have introduced a few things that help that happen. - we give the customer a bio on the designer to give them a bit of background; they have a phone call with the designer; then we have this really cool chat so the designer and the customer are in constant contact - they can have video calls if they want - so they can share ideas. It's more more of a collaboration.

"We try and get the computer to do the heavy lifting to let the designer focus on what they love, which is designing and building the relationship with the client."

My Bespoke Room currently has three full-time designers and around 25 consultant designers all across the country.

It offers three packages, starting at just £95 for finishing touches, going up to £250 for an open plan space or large room.

Clients receive a room design and shopping list and can add items from other retailers to their online basket and check out with one click. The free personal shopping service means customers can also "shop the look" of previous room designs online.

Both Laura and Diana are real champions of women in business and, along with their belief that everyone can have a beautiful home, their second mission is to offer flexible work opportunities to their employees.

"We want to create flexible work for designers," explains Laura. "There's a huge amount of talent out there and they can't get jobs - we are giving them additional training, allowing them to work on their own terms, which we are really proud of.

"We make emphasis on creating a community. Designers can feel quite isolated. We had a conference recently in London where we got them all together. We know that, when you're working, it's not just what your motivation is, it's having a sense of community, making friends, feeling part of something bigger.

"Generally it's much more than just design for these designers. That's the bit that makes me most proud - when you see that you've created jobs and you've given someone that opportunity to upscale themselves.

"I really am very proud - I just hope we can continue."

My Bespoke Room is changing the world of interior design as we know it, and is already receiving national acclaim. Interior design website Houzz.co.uk - dubbed the Wikipedia of interior and exterior design by CNN with the largest database of home design ideas on the net - ranks the company as the number one interior designer out of more than 6,000 on its site.

Laura and Diana - who is still based in London and heads up the company's marketing and PR - are now planing to continue to grow the business, offering home visits, commercial design and consultancy, room and help with layout design, including practical aspects such as the best locations for plug sockets and lights.

They are also hoping to launch a new arm of the company whereby designers can pay a monthly subscription to use My Bespoke Room's technology to run their own business.

"We offer professional help and it's all done really conveniently," sums up Laura.

"We take the headaches away, we make it simple. We make you enjoy doing up your home."

My Bespoke Room, 1074 Christchurch Road, Southbourne T: 020 3904 3800 E: hello@mybespokeroom.com W: mybespokeroom.com