These stunning cordless lamps are lighting up the world of interior design - quite literally.

Wimborne-based Alexander Joseph celebrated its launch in September with a bang - creating a £24,000, 24 carat gold table lamp which was subsequently sold to a member of the Bahrain royal family to be installed on a super yacht.

There are currently 54 designs in the range, with company founder Mark Robinson hoping to extend that to some 200 products by this time next year.

Quality is key to Mark, who came up with the silk shades, glass or ceramic bodies and stainless steel bases of the lamps, which retail for between £1,300 and £2,500.

Each component is sourced in the UK and the products are put together from a base in Ferndown.

But what makes them truly unique is that the lamps are cordless, so can be displayed in the centre of a room without any unsightly wires, and can be moved around as required.

"We've been living here 12 months," says Mark of his current home in Horton, near Wimborne, "but the house we lived in before had big rooms - so big that the furniture against the walls didn't really work, so the furniture was in the middle of the room.

"We had oak floors, we couldn't take them up to put power in the floors, so we started searching the internet to find cordless lamps and we found there wasn't anything.

"There was a company making some entry level, converted products that you could use, but the battery endurance was three to four hours - not very practical and not very decorative."

Mark, who has a background in coming up with new technology and has successfully created, marketed and sold a number of companies, decided to create his own cordless lamp.

"When we understood the technology involved, we understood why there were none on the market," he explains.

"The biggest thing was making something that you can sell - it's one thing making something for yourself, it's another having the safety certification to overcome. We spent the best part of 12 months researching and marketing where we would sell them and so on.

"The technology development only took about six months, but it took about another six months to go through the process of getting the safety certification."

Each of the 54 lamps in the range features a rubberised compound on the bottom which means it almost "grips" a surface and cannot be easily knocked over. The base includes a stainless steel chassis which houses lithium batteries which Mark has discovered how to draw power from in an innovative way, meaning they do not burn as much energy.

He has even created his own light bulb, taking the driver out of the bulb and installing it in the base of the lamp, so the bulb itself does not get hot.

Each model comes with its own plug and USB cord, with a small red light indicating when it needs re-charging. A full charge takes two to three hours, and the lamps can then run, without the cord, for a number of days.

"The important thing for us is that we are going to try and market ourselves as a British luxury brand," says Mark.

"They are expensive, but there are about a dozen brands that sell lamps in that price range. We've designed it to compete with those corded lamps.

"The silk shades are customisable - customers can tell us what colour they want. We will do commissions, but these take weeks to make, and we are occasionally going to make some special, one-offs.

"The one we made for our launch was called Blaze. the base was 24 carat gold, all the lamp fittings inside were 24 carat gold, the glass body was a really rare cobalt blue, infused with 24 carat gold and we had a rare gold silk shade as well. We made that one-off to demonstrate craftsmanship."

Mark is now working to build contacts with interior designers, and to expand the current range of products, also moving into floor lamps.

"We anticipate that most of our sales will come from interior designers, hotels and yachts," he says.

"Boat builders go to extreme lengths to get lights on boats. When you're at anchor and running your lighting, you are draining your battery with a corded lamp. These, you can pick them up and move them outside.

"We've got an online shop which is the only place we will sell lamps to home owners.

"We've started at ground zero, we've only been selling lamps for six weeks, but we've done quite well with it."

Alexander Joseph, Wimborne