When Sue and Michael Longmore moved to Dorset some 18 years ago for a lifestyle change, they threw themselves into country life.

Attending a number of shoots and other countryside pursuits, the fashion-loving couple soon realised there was a gap in the market for "urban country chic".

Passionate about British brands, they created the Patriot range of Union Jack-themed clothing, to coincide with the 2012 Olympics, and watched the company go from strength to strength.

Maude & Fox, run from the couple's home in Charlton Barrow, now offers a vast range of "tweed with a twist" for men and women, with customers all over the UK and as far afield as Kuwait.

"We came down from London and we hadn't done any shooting or anything," says Sue. "Michael kept getting asked on shoots and things. We are very much into fashion and we like quite quirky things – everyone looked very much the same.

"One of our ranges was the Patriot range, a gilet and skirt. We just did it for the Olympics, thinking that it would fizzle out. It was a fun thing that stuck.

"We often do little hints of Patriot – it's continued in our label and there's a men's jacket where we just have it under the flap of the pocket. We've moved on a lot from then, but the Patriot skirt is always really popular. We've had other ranges – the Gamekeeper, the Forester – they're named after country pursuits."

The company's name too, suggests something typically British, and was chosen by Sue and Michael to reflect their brand.

"We wanted something quite British," she agrees, "Maude is one of my old relations – a great great aunt – but also Maud Watson was the first English ladies Wimbledon winner. I just thought it was a really good, English name. And then 'fox', because it was a really good country name.

"Our brand essence is stylish, fun and British."

Maude & Fox is proud to use only British tweed, an ethos reflected in its label, which is a version of that first Patriot design. Fabric is sourced from mills in Yorkshire and Scotland, and everything is designed and created in-house at the cutting room and studio in the grounds of Sue and Michael's Charlton Barrow home. The company now also has a showroom based on the site, which is visited by loyal customers from all over the UK.

"We started quite small," explains Sue, who grew up in Wiltshire and worked as a landscape architect in London, Hong Kong and Australia before moving to Dorset to bring up her and Michael's two young sons.

"It took us three years to settle down and really sell ourselves via our website and shows.

"We've got quite a few 'couple customers'. They know we can put a twist on things. They might want a gilet and ask for a different pattern on the back. We will customise things and we often get people with longer arms and things like that because we make it to measure."

The showroom now boasts a vast range of coats, jackets, gilets, waistcoats, caps and bags for both men and women, ranging from £28 for a mini clutch bag, up to £550 for a variety of Parka which is made of Teflon impregnated tweed.

"We are always adding new products," says Sue.

"I come up with pretty much all the ideas and concepts, but some of the ideas will come from customers and Michael also has an input. I'm one of those people that always likes designing different things and my husband loves fashion – we got married in Paul Smith suits. His business is brand identity, so it works really well together. I used to have a design business in London, so we didn't come at it from nothing.

" It's practical, but with design flair, always with a bit of a twist. Our biggest thing is to have fun with it."

Maude & Fox Ltd, Charlton Barrow, Charlton Marshall, Dorset 01258 489628 maudeandfox.com