The life-changing magic of Marie Kondo, the Japanese clutter-clearing guru, has captured a million imaginations.

Her book, about the positive effects of tidying up, including folding your clothes and storing them bookshelf-style, has sparked a Netflix series.

Watching that, or reading her book has been the only way for devotees to bring Kondo's philosophy into their lives. Until now.

Wimborne businesswoman, Romana Reynolds, has been licensed as one of only 18 UK consultants for the KonMari method of bringing order to over-stuffed homes.

"It has changed my life and I want to share this positive feeling of a tidy home and cleansed mind with others so that they no longer have to imagine their ideal lifestyle, they can live it," she says.

Romana read Kondo's international bestseller 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' four years ago, when she was still working as a primary school teacher.

"I got recommended the book by a friend because, although I am organised, I wanted to get my house in order. What I loved about it was the way it focussed on the positive side - rather than looking at what to get rid of it focussed on what you wanted to keep and was a change of mindset."

After having a baby, Romana was searching around for a career that was more compatible with her new lifestyle. "I hadn't realised you could become a KonMari consultant and when I found out that you could, I thought 'this has made such a difference to my life' that I really wanted to share it."

She was accepted on the training course and got to meet Marie Kondo herself.

Now, through her company, Purer Living, Romana helps clients sort through their own clutter to create easier lives, with her psychology degree helping to understand why peopel hold onto things and why they can't let some things go.

"It may be a gift they were given that they didn't love but they loved the person who gave it and feel guilty about giving it away," she explains, "or they may have had a parent who didn't get rid of things in case they came in handy.

"Whatever happens, it can be so much easier to sort through it all with someone who can give you 'permission' to let go of it."