How many of us are guilty of looking after everyone else before we take care of ourselves?

That is exactly what friends Sophie Spoors and Louise Summerfield are hoping to address, after they joined forces to create a unique wellbeing hub.

Reset Dorset hosts pop-up wellness events throughout the county, with a "nourish, rest, move" ethos.

"Louise and I had always had this idea," explains Sophie.

"We met about four years ago and just hit it off. She's into fitness and I do reflexology and we're both always into food and treatments – a bit obsessed by it, but in a healthy way, because we saw the benefits."

Sophie and Louise are now keen to share what they have learnt over the years, and to continue learning themselves, with the bespoke days they arrange around the county.

Following a pilot event in October, Reset Dorset launched in March this year, and the pair have so far organised one event a month, each at a different location in Dorset.

Participants have enjoyed activities ranging from yoga and cookery demonstrations to flower arranging and smoothie workshops – all with a focus on that much-needed me-time.

"The concept is, it's a break from your normal routine," explains Sophie. "You don't have to do everything, you can dip in and out. It's about having that break for you, and to do whatever you want with it.

"Also, offering different services and activities and classes that people haven't tried before. Little things that people can incorporate into their lives that helps with their wellbeing and self care, and mentally as well. And that it's okay to do take time for yourself.

"A lot of us don't take that time. But we are trying to promote the message of the importance of wellbeing."

Both mums-of-two, Sophie and Louise know full well the rewards of exercise and healthy eating.

"I feel so much better, and I'm so much better with the kids," admits Sophie.

"Food is a massive one for us, because gut health has so much to do with how you're feeling. We have talks on the importance of it, and just easy tweaks.

"Gut health and sleep – people underestimate sleep."

Each Reset day so far has taken place between 9am and 3pm, to allow parents to continue with the school run and childcare arrangements where possible, but the pair are planning to arrange a number of smaller events, including pop-up supper clubs, lunch clubs and evening talks. The next day-long pop-up takes place on June 14, with a "bring-a-friend" theme to tie in with National Best Friends Day on June 8.

Participants will be able to enjoy a make-up artist demonstration and blow dry bar, among other activities.

"Because it's so new, we are still learning," explains Sophie.

"We are always learning from what people want and it's really exciting to be collating local brands and getting them on board.

"We wanted it to be a fun, accessible, non-intimidating day that you can dip in and out of."

Sophie and Louise, who are also organising bespoke events for small groups and people's homes, hope that, whatever people take from the day, they can learn to make small changes to enhance their wellbeing. And they are thrilled to discover there is a keen interest in Reset Dorset "We've had people email us saying they want to be involved in doing classes, and we've already got people booked up for the next event – they don't even know what it is yet," smiles Sophie, "we've had one girl at all three events so far.

"Some people don't know where to start, but it's nice to get that feedback that people really do want it – they are up for nurturing."