Interior designer Emma Jane Betsy has turned her hand to creating the most beautiful, life-like flower arrangements you will ever see.

Having worked on many interior design projects over the years, Emma’s clients occasionally needed something extra to adorn a table or inject a burst of colour into a dark corner. When Emma searched the internet and local shops, nothing would match the quality she desired for her clients.

So, with her creative talents Emma sourced silk flowers from around the country, and she ensured that only the finest, life-like stems were chosen to create the perfect showstopper for any room.

Emma, who is based in Ringwood, said: “After many years of fake flowers having a bad reputation, looking nothing like a flower, the quality and variety due to popular demand have almost become unrecognisable as the fake flower has now unbelievably evolved.”

Emma has sourced and secured various suppliers, picking and choosing between the UK providers as to which one can supply the ‘best in show’ in each variety. Her attention to detail in this field is exceptional.

But, she says “the flowers don’t sing by themselves”. Emma searches for the right vessel to complement the flowers, or sometimes it’s the other way around. If Emma sees the perfect vase, the flowers will follow, ensuring the match is perfect, from creating rustic displays with shabby chic pots to traditional glass vases with organic flower displays. Some of her arrangements are made using oasis bricks and a selection are set in clear casting resin to give the illusion of the flowers basking in crystal clear water.

The majority of Emma’s arrangements are one-off creations, ensuring no-one ends up with the same display. She isn’t keen on mass producing the arrangements, and a lot of love, care and attention is taken on each one and she believes each to be a bespoke piece of art.

A Foreverlasting Flower arrangement is perfectly suited for hotels and guest houses.

Hotel receptions look warm and friendly displaying seasonal blooms, standing tall when greeting guests. In the guest rooms they provide a personal homely touch and in lobbies bring colour and structure to sometimes neglected areas. The running costs are high in this industry, so beautiful arrangements that last weeks on end are a perfect solution, says Emma.

Emma’s eye for creativity seems to be endless. Here is a lady that thrives in a realm of beautiful surroundings, radiating this passion onto all her clients she encounters.

“Forever being creative, expressing my love for beautiful objects and artefacts, is my life”, says Emma, adding: “Why not surround yourself with wonderful things that bring you joy and happiness every day?”

Over the build-up to Christmas, Emma was busy crafting bespoke Foreverlasting Flowers wreaths and table centre pieces.

She felt the wreaths on offer in the shops were nothing special and Christmas was a time to be extravagant with luxurious door wreaths and table displays. So, she started making gorgeous life-like ones that would last year on year. While she is aware that the initial outlay for all her flowers is substantial, on reflection, a Foreverlasting Flower arrangement will last significantly longer than a fresh bouquet, working out somewhat financially beneficial in the long run.

As a relatively new side-line to her interior design company, Emma is hoping to break into the wedding market this year with Foreverlasting bridal and bridesmaid bouquets and buttonholes for the men.

Whilst speaking to Emma, she recalls the disappointment she felt when she kept her wedding bouquet for a couple of years.

“It soon crumbled and perished as time went by, something a silk posy wouldn’t have done. But in hindsight, the artificial flowers weren’t as beautiful then as they are now, so maybe that wouldn’t have been an option all those years ago. But knowing there are quality blooms available now, I would defiantly look into having this option.”

And after the special day, your flowers will last either in a vase or a glass dome, providing you with that memory every day for many years to come.


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