Tucked away in the heart of the New Forest lies the magnificent country retreat known as The Pig.

Priding itself on its "personal, lived-in and not perfect" approach, the Brockenhurst venue invites guests to "dress down, have a wander and just make yourself at home".

Indeed, the row of Hunter wellies lined up underneath the stairs for guests to borrow, the mismatched sofas and cushions placed around the roaring fire in the Drawing Room and wooden croquet and skittles sets placed by the front door certainly make the place feel more like a private home than a hotel.

Which is just the feel that Judy Hutson, who runs The Pig alongside husband Robin, was going for when she created the interiors.

Here, she tells Living more about her vision, and how it came to life, with some top tips for recreating the signature style in your own home.


Q: What was your immediate vision for how the décor would look?

A: Eclectic and un-designed, drawing influence from the Kitchen Garden. We wanted it to feel evolved like a home rather than an Interior Designers Project.


Q: How did you want it to differ from the other sites?

A: My husband and I simply buy decorative items that appeal to us and then work a scheme around those pieces. We try to make each site individual while following a general spirit. We take the clues from each building.


Q: Did the New Forest environment influence your décor choices?

A: We always try to bring the outside in but in fact are probably influenced more by the Kitchen Garden than the New Forest itself.


Q: How did you decide on the colour scheme?

A: I like to always choose the fabrics first and then the colours follow on. Inevitably because of the garden influence there tend to be more greens and earth tones than bright primary colours.


Q: How did you incorporate The Pig’s relaxed ambience into the interior design?

A: To be honest I think it is the other way round. The relaxed evolved design puts everyone in that kind of mood. We try hard for nothing to look too shiny or precious. We dress our team in jeans and converse and the food on the plate is unfussy. All these items say "relax".


Q: How important were the finishing touches?

A: We love collecting decorative pieces and have lots of fun placing then around the hotels.


Q: It very much feels as if the inside and outside are somewhat merged, particularly in the consevatory/main restaurant area – why was this so important?

A: The garden is a crucial driver for everything we do and who doesn’t want to eat outside when possible? So we try to create this feeling inside too.


Q: How long did it take to pull the whole look together and do you feel the décor is now “done”, or are you constantly updating?

A: This is a continuing evolving process. We collect and add continuously but each project can take up to two years from start to finish.


Q: Where do you source all the unique final touches from?

A: We regularly scout dozens of different shops and warehouses. Sometimes we are lucky and find just the right thing.


Q: You obviously have a flair, and a passion for interior design – do you have formal qualifications? Or is it just something you have picked up along the way?

A: I have no formal training in Interior Design and in fact trained as an Occupational Therapist specialising in Short Term Acute Psychiatry. We have always had a keen interest in the look and feel of our homes over the years.


More information on The Pig's interior decor and menu is available in The Pig: Tales and Recipes from the Kitchen Garden and Beyond.

The Pig, Beaulieu Road, Brockenhurst

01590 622354