Romaine Lowery, founder of Dorset's The Organised Home, tells Living how to get started with a declutter of your home during lockdown.


These are testing times when it is easy to feel that you have no control over events in the outside world. However we all feel better when we can control some things in our lives and for most of us that now means within our homes. You are stuck at home and bored so you may as well make the most of your days by editing, then organising your possessions and creating an environment that makes you happy.


1. Tackle a room a day thoroughly. Take everything out of all drawers and cupboards and assess on the basis of love it or need it.


2. Create three different piles of items to donate, sell or keep.


3. If you end up with a group of items you have been meaning to get fixed and haven’t for some time then ditch them and accept that it’s not going to happen.


4. When it comes to clothing and accessories be really ruthless. Never keep clothes that used to fit you as it is negative hoarding. Keep only what you really love and use. Favourites that flatter you and make you feel good every time you wear them.


5. Don’t hang on to gifts you received but never used or liked. Someone else can enjoy those things so add to the donate pile.


6. Encourage the family to apply the same process to their own bedrooms. You’ll be surprised how good children can be especially when you make it clear their things will be passed on to disadvantaged kids.


7. Once you have thoroughly decluttered than clean all surfaces and interiors thoroughly before you put things back.


8. Store things you plan to recycle or donate in a garage or spare room until you can get out again to dispose of them.


9. Invest in some lovely storage solutions to organise what’s left. The only way to keep on top of clutter is the designate a place for everything and store like with like.


10. When the Corona crisis is over and you sell some of the items you no longer use-put the money towards an experience rather than more stuff.