Killing Eve’s main antagonist, Villanelle, is an icon in many ways.

Murderous tendencies aside, the character – played by Jodie Comer – has proved a hit with her designer fashion sense, as well as the houses she stays in.

Killing Eve has always been a source of covetable properties, whether it’s Villanelle’s romantic Parisian apartment or Carolyn’s regal London townhouse. However, series three really took things to the next level when Villanelle set up in an incredible Barcelona pad, which is listed on Airbnb.

Known as the ‘architects’ flat’, it’s an Art Nouveau Catalan apartment situated in the trendy Gràcia area of the city.

Art Nouveau is a particularly elaborate and and ornamental style, and this Airbnb truly lives up to the name.

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The striking apartment has intricate ceilings and walls with modernist art dotted about, and the open-plan layout is designed to make it feel spacious.

With two bedrooms, it even comes with access to a secluded garden and a pool – if you can’t be bothered to make the journey to one of Barcelona’s famous beaches.

Killing Eve’s production designer Laurence Dorman told Architectural Digest:

“We came across this incredible apartment with Spanish interiors, a Moorish influence, textured glass colours, lovely light control, and the whole thing was spectacularly different from anything I had ever seen. We decided on the spot that has to be it.”

Set decorator Casey Williams furnished the house with an eclectic range of items, telling the magazine: “Villanelle has this childlike element to her, and if she sees something pretty, she wants it now. She collects things and is like a magpie. There is always a sense of luxury about her, and she is not going to buy anything that doesn’t cost a lot of money.”

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The location is also perfect for Villanelle – the Gràcia area of Plaza Lesseps is known for its artsy vibe and boutique shopping.

This isn’t the first time the apartment has been used for filming. The Airbnb host says directors like Pedro Almodóvar and Alan Parker have also used the house as a setting for their work.

Dorset Society:

It’s not the cheapest accommodation in Barcelona, of course – if you were to book for four people for this time next year, it would cost £324 (€356) per night – although there is a weekly discount if you were thinking of making it a longer haul trip.