The most annoying thing about planning a brand new bathroom is the restrictions imposed by your budget but it’s a challenge we all face!

When putting together ideas for your dream bathroom, establish your goals in order to create a luxury space. Here’s how I did it without busting the budget…


1. Prioritise Think about which element of the new space is going to be most important to you. For example, if you’re a bath person, make the bath your main priority in terms of where you splash the cash. Once you’ve factored your main priority into the budget, you can scale back from there.


2. Think carefully about colours The colour scheme you choose will have a huge impact on the overall feel of the room.

You may have a small budget, but choosing a classic, timeless colour scheme won’t cost you any extra and has the potential to make your space appear much more deluxe.

Keep costs down by injecting colour through your accessories or a single feature such as a painted bath or sink unit.


3. Be prepared to compromise Yes it’s a horrible word and nobody wants to do it! But think carefully about what you would be willing to sacrifice, I promise you will achieve your goals inside your budget. I wanted brass fixtures and fittings but in the end opted for chrome. I’m actually glad I did as it fits beautifully with my colour scheme and offers the timeless look I was seeking.


4. Accessorise The finishing touches make all the difference and won’t break the bank. When pieces are picked cleverly, they can really transform a space. Consider incorporating some plants or stylish hooks, paying close attention to detail is always worth it – even down to the toothbrush holder you choose!


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